Best 5 Health Gadgets In Pakistan 2024

Health gadgets refer to electronic devices and accessories that are designed to help individuals monitor and improve their health and wellness. These gadgets typically measure various aspects of health such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, steps taken, calories burned and provide feedback on how to achieve optimal health. Some examples of health gadgets include fitness trackers, smart scales, blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, and smartwatches with health tracking features. These devices are becoming increasingly popular as people become more health-conscious and seek to track and improve their overall well-being.

Best 5 Health Gadgets


The SmartMat is a yoga mat that provides real-time feedback on your yoga practice. It also provides personalized recommendations for improving your postures and movements. Price: Rs. 61,799


Spire is a smart breath tracker that helps you manage stress and anxiety through breathing exercises. It also provides personalized insights on your breathing patterns. Price: Rs. 32,599

Nokia BPM+

The Nokia BPM+ is a wireless blood pressure monitor that provides accurate readings in seconds. It also syncs with your smartphone app for tracking and monitoring your blood pressure progress. Price: Rs. 14,499


The NURVV Run is a smart insole that tracks your running metrics, including cadence, step length, and foot strike. It also provides personalized coaching and recommendations for improving your running performance. Price: Rs. 69,999


The KardiaMobile is a mobile EKG monitor that provides immediate and accurate readings of your heart rhythm. It also helps to prevent heart disease by providing personalized advice on lifestyle changes. Price: Rs. 36,999

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How To Buy Best Health Gadgets In Pakistan 2024

To buy any of these health gadgets in Pakistan, you can check online marketplaces such as Daraz, Telemart, and Shophive or visit official brand stores such as Fitbit Pakistan, Withings Pakistan, and Philips Pakistan. You can also check for online deals and discounts available on these gadgets.

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