The Best Gaming Headset Audeze Penrose X

Audezes Penrose and Penrose X gaming headsets have one big advantage: planar magnetic drivers. This type of headphone construction uses a pair of magnets on either side of the audio driver in each cup, allowing them to move it with greater force and precision. You can read a lot about how it works if you want, but all you need to know is that planar magnetic headphones provide excellent audio quality.

Audeze Penrose X Headset Review

However, that’s not the only thing we love about the PS5-compatible Penrose and Xbox-compatible Penrose X. These durable wireless headsets may feel a little heavy on your head at first, but their contoured ear cups are surprisingly plush, while the padded headband and strong clamping force keep them locked on your head for hours of gaming. Helps to live. A hint of blue on the Penrose and a hint of green on the Penrose X add a nice pop of color without resorting to aesthetics, and the included 3.5mm cable, USB A-to-C charger, and USB-C cables are plenty. are long And feel strong enough for a while. The included 2.4Ghz dongle makes connecting the Penrose to your gaming platform of choice a breeze, and the Penrose’s intuitive controls and dual volume/mic wheels make selecting an audio source or fine-tuning your audio experience delightfully simple. They make

Best Gaming Headset

The detachable microphone is also a gem. For those used to almost shouting into a headset microphone to make sure your friends can hear you, the Penrose’s microphone sensitivity is a breath of fresh air. The boom arm is highly adjustable, and the Penrose models sound so good that it’s easy to forget they’re meant for gaming when you’re using them as Bluetooth headphones while listening to magnet-powered renditions of your favorite music. are ready Not only is it a great gaming headset, but it can also be a perfect upgrade to your regular headphones.

A great combination of strengths durable design, excellent sound quality for a wide variety of materials, and intuitive controls balance well against the Penrose’s only real weakness: All of these strengths drain battery life very quickly. It does. They take a few hours to charge, and you get just 15 hours of use per full charge. However, if you can get used to charging them overnight, they’re one of the best-sounding gaming headsets out there, and well worth the high price tag for audiophile gamers.

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Best Gaming Headset

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